Microbrewery Equipment Supplier


Microbrewery Equipment Supplier

Microbrewery Equipment Supplier: If you’re looking for a supplier of microbrewery equipment, there are several reputable companies that specialize in providing equipment for breweries of various sizes. Here are a few well-known suppliers:

  1. Specific Mechanical Systems: Specific Mechanical Systems is a leading supplier of brewery equipment, offering a range of options from small-scale microbrewery systems to larger commercial setups. They provide turnkey solutions for brewhouses, fermentation vessels, bright tanks, kegging systems, and more.
  2. GW Kent: GW Kent is a renowned supplier of brewing equipment and supplies. They offer a wide selection of products for microbreweries, including brewhouses, fermentation tanks, filtration systems, kegging and bottling equipment, cellar supplies, and laboratory equipment.
  3. Alpha Brewing Operations: Alpha Brewing Operations specializes in providing complete turnkey brewery solutions. They offer a range of brewing systems, including compact microbrewery equipment, fermentation vessels, brite tanks, keg washers, canning and bottling lines, and cellar equipment.
  4. Prospero Equipment Corporation: Prospero Equipment is a supplier of equipment and solutions for the beverage industry, including microbreweries. They offer brewhouses, fermentation and storage tanks, filtration systems, canning and bottling lines, and other essential brewery equipment.
  5. Portland Kettle Works: Portland Kettle Works is a supplier of custom-built brewing systems for microbreweries. They provide brewhouses, fermenters, brite tanks, canning lines, keg washers, and other brewing equipment tailored to the specific needs of their customers.
  6. Customization and scalability: Consider whether the supplier can provide equipment that is customizable to your specific needs. Microbreweries often have unique requirements based on their production volume, space constraints, and beer styles. A supplier that offers customizable solutions can ensure that the equipment fits your specific brewing process and production goals. Additionally, consider the supplier’s ability to support your future growth and scalability needs.


It’s recommended to reach out to multiple suppliers, request detailed proposals, and thoroughly evaluate their offerings, capabilities, and compatibility with your microbrewery’s unique needs. Engaging in direct conversations, asking for references, and visiting breweries that have used the supplier’s equipment can provide valuable insights to inform your decision-making process.

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